The year is 1500 DR. Two decades have passed since the Sundering, and the people of Faerûn have known peace…

The wars that have raged across the land have ended, and the God’s have withdrawn their hands from the mortal realm. The orcs and goblin hordes of the North have been broken and sent fleeing back into the wilderness. For the first time in a generation, the people of Faerûn can start to rebuild. Kingdoms and reclaim lands and forge new alliances, Religious orders increase their influence as paladin orders and monastic schools develop, and wizards study in lofty towers, exploring and mastering arcane knowledge. It is a prosperous, peaceful time for all, and many speak of the New Age that is dawning now upon Toril.

But chaos bubbles just below the surface. Tales speak of trouble brewing in the dark and wild corners of the land. To the south, the resurgence of the Cult of the Dragon has led to raiding of villages across the Greenfields, looting and pillaging. to the North, Waterdeep and the other Northern Kingdoms have become beacons of wealth and culture, attracting the attention of good and evil, who maneuver and plot as they clash quietly in the darkened alleys and plazas. Even the Dwarven Kingdoms have called for the return of any able bodied kin, for what purpose is unknown, though some speak of something found in the caverns below the surface.

Four were chosen, released from fate by a mysterious figure and cast into the world…
Alonnah, a young and guarded half-elf rogue, running from her dark past while using her skill and expertise to build a better life.
Ranisant Stoneshoulder, a fiery dwarven Beserker, seeking glory as well as the identity of his true ancestral clan, and cleaving through any foolish enough to stand in his way.
Rohk Terramont a charismatic and rebellious summoner, bonded to his seductive fire elemental Lillith, searching for a life of adventure to overcome a troubled past.
And Livi Tenebris, the innocent, happy go lucky ranger, pursuing the quest given to her by the spirit of nature, and bringing fame to her small village of Orbifae.

These four, bound together now by mysterious forces and thrown into the coming storm, must band together if they wish to survive. Their fates are no longer sealed, their stories no longer preordained, and so they have the power to choose for themselves what the story shall be, a story of Doom & Destiny.

A Tale of Doom & Destiny